Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are We Almost There?

As a child, I would ask my parents on a road trip, "Are we almost there?". Don't tell Kevin I admitted to this, but I still do it to him. I'm not a good car rider. The Presidential Election has felt much the same way for me as I know it has for many others. Are we almost there? Thankfully the answer is yes. There has been a great deal of concern and even some fear over the economy, the housing market, job stability and so much more. I think most of us will feel a sense of relief on November 5th. Regardless of who are nation elects as the next President, we can finally move on. Many of us also are asking, "Are we almost there?" when it comes to our home prices. I don't know that anyone can quite answer that question. We probably will not know the answer until we have passed it and see obvious signs of recovery. I can tell you that we are seeing signs of improvement in the Kansas City area. You can follow our Market Watch report that we post monthly on our website to keep track. We have also implemented a new free service to you called Market Snapshot. You will receive a report that is personalized: It charts market activity-- current up-to-the-minute --with homes in your area, including such data as sold homes, properties for sale, inventory counts and even days-on-market. You'll find it on our website. Check it out and let us know your honest opinion of what you think of it. We are committed to serving you and keeping you informed!