Thursday, September 16, 2010

Please Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

What is a short sale?
A Short Sale is a sale of a property where the lender agrees to accept less than what is owed to pay off the loan. In a Short Sale situation the owner owes more on the property than they can sell the home for on the open market. The Owner can request that the bank allow them to sell the property to the highest offer and forgive the difference between the amount received and the amount owed. Not all Short Sale scenarios allow the Seller to be "forgiven" the difference between sale price and what was owed on the property. Please consult with a tax consultant to find out the correct answer for your situation as you may have a tax consequence for the difference or be asked to sign a Note to repay the difference. This is a viable option for many Sellers and Banks as it is a less expensive option for the Bank than to take the property through foreclosure.

Short Sale properties are typically sold in “as-is” condition, similar to purchasing an REO property. It is ALWAYS our recommendation that you hire an independent inspection of the property when purchasing any home. Selling “as-is” is most often due to the Seller’s inability to afford repairs. As a Buyer of a Short Sale, you can expect a sometimes lengthy process in obtaining a Bank’s approval of your offer.

Who can qualify to sell their house as a short sale?
A home owner who has a mortgage on their home and owe more than the home is worth may decide to sell their home as a short sale. The lenders will look at the sellers circumstances and any hardship they may have encountered since obtaining the loan. This hardship can be illness, divorce, loss of a job, reduction of income, mortgage rate adjustment etc. The seller will have to submit a hardship letter to the lender along with complete financial statements and short sale package. The seller will have to prove hardship to the lender.

It is everyone’s goal to keep you in your home whenever possible. It’s important to talk to your lender to try to work out a solution
to keep you in your home. If that process fails and a Short Sale can be your next option. A Short Sale is typically less detrimental to your credit in the long term.

We are trained and here to help you through the process of a Short Sale. Selling your home as a Short Sale does not always work, but we can help you navigate the process. It has been a viable alternative for many people.

If you would like a caring and private consulation, please call Debbie at 816-994-0444.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why Use A Buyer's Agent?

I am often asked, "Why do I need a Buyer's Agent? Isn't it easier just to call the name on the sign?" Two really good questions. Let me help explain why representation is to your advantage. A Buyer's Agent works exclusively for you. They provide you with:

Loyalty - Your real estate agent acts in your best interests.

Obedience - Your real estate agent must follow all of your lawful instructions.

Disclosure of Material Facts and Material Defects - Your agent must disclose to you all material facts of the property.

Examples include but are not limited to:

Relationships between the agents and other parties
Existence of other offers or counter-offers
Status of earnest money deposit
Seller’s ability or lack of ability to close the transaction
Property’s market value
Impact of important contract provisions

Confidentiality - The real estate agent must keep your confidences. Any information which you reveal to the agent about your motivation to purchase, your time requirements, or any other information which would put the seller at an advantage over you must remain confidential between you and your buyer agent. However, our state laws require your buyer agent to disclose to the seller or the seller’s agent any material facts about your ability to complete the transaction.

Accounting - Reporting where any monies place in the the hands of the broker or escrow agent are kept and careful administration of monies or property placed in the care of the agent.

Reasonable Skill and Care - Negotiation for a reasonable purchase price. Affirmatively discovering material facts and disclosing them to the buyer. Investigating, when possible, the important information related to the purchase decision and process.

To answer the other frequent question, "Why can't I call the name on the sign?" Let me explain. The listing agent (name on the sign) has gone under a listing contract in most instances to represent the Seller. Many assume that they can obtain a better financial deal working with the Seller's Agent. The Seller and Seller's Agent enter into a listing agreement that spells out the amount of commission the Seller(s) are willint to pay to sell the house. Whether the Seller's Agent sells the home themself and collects the full commission or cooperates with your Buyer's Agent and splits the commission, the agreed commission remains the same with the Seller. Why not be represented?

Remember, unless you agree to other terms in writing with an agent, Buyer's Agency costs you nothing.

Make sure your best interests are taken care of in one of your most important financial decisions.

If you would like competent and caring representation, give me a call at 816-994-0444.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kansas City's Wealthiest ZIP Codes

The Kansas City Business Journal recently posted a list of the wealthiest ZIP codes. Did your ZIP code make the cut? The top ten ranked on factors including, but not limited to, income, median net worth and average home values are listed below:

1. 66221 Overland Park
2. 66209 Leawood
3. 66211 Leawood
4. 66224 Overland Park
5. 66220 Lenexa
6. 66085 Stilwell
7. 66206 Leawood
8. 64113 Kansas City
9. 64064 Lee's Summit
10. 66213 Overland Park

Research data was supplied by Esri, a Redlands, California research firm.

Regardless of ZIP code we can help you find your dream home. Visit our website at or just give me a call at 816-994-0444. We have the keys that open doors!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting Ready To Own

Visit for more articles like this.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seven Advantages Of A Home Warranty

1. Seller(s) peace of mind during the listing period. Yes, most home warranties cover you, the Seller, during this period.

2. Buyer(s) peace of mind during the first year of home ownership. Should that 8 year old water heat go out, the Buyer(s) has coverage for repair or replacement.

3. Seller(s) does not pay for the policy coverage until closing whether they have used it during the listing period or not.

4. Home warranties cover the repair or replacement of a home's mechanical systems and major built-in appliances in the event of a breakdown due to normal wear and tear during the agreement period.

5. Access to licensed, trained and certified technicians. No more thumbing through the Yellow Pages.

6. Low deductables for service call fees.

7. A Money Saver! Should you need repair or replacement of a covered item, you pay a service call fee instead of actual costs!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Looking For Something To Do In Kansas City?

Check out these great deals at  There is a wealth of information for the best places to stay, best places to eat and things to do.  You'll love the 2-for-1 Specials.  I especially think the Royals and Worlds of Fun Double Play is a great deal!  Spring is in the air and Summer is around the corner.  Let's enjoy Kansas City!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Real Estate Corner - Answers To Your Questions!

Q. We have just bought our first brand new home, but we have a few issues that need to be completed by the builder. How should we go about getting those items addressed?

A. In order to schedule repairs, most builders require these items to be in writing. Use the following guidelines to make the most of the communication.

• Familiarize yourself with your home warranty coverage. Follow the procedure for making claims as stated in the written warranty. Some builders handle the warranty repairs themselves, while others contract with home warranty companies to handle all warranty claims. Some items, such as appliances, are usually covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, and are not the responsibility of the builder. If a problem develops after the express warranty has expired, the builder may not be required to respond under the terms of the written warranty.  It is important to know what your builder's policy and procedures are before you enter into a contract to purchase a home built by them.  Most builders have a timeline for you to follow giving you an opportunity to live in the home for a period of time.  This allows you to discover any issues that need to be addressed that might not have been noticed at the time of your final walk-through.  The builder will also want a list, also called a punch list,  so they may take care of any items at the same time rather than coming out multiple times.

• Write your letter. Include the date of the request, your name, contact details, and the date you moved in. Include all relevant details. State exactly what you want done and how soon you expect it to be resolved. Include all relevant documents and photos regarding the problem, and send copies, not originals. Keep a copy of the letter for your files.

• After you alert your builder to the problem, provide them an opportunity to inspect and correct the problem within a reasonable period of time.

If you have any questions, or are in need of capable and trustworthy representation, please call us at 816-246-7500.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

♪ Come Sell With Me, Let's Sell, Let's Sell Your Home Today! ♪

♪♪  Come sell with me, let's sell, let's sell your home today.
      If you can use a change of scenery.
      We're here to put your home on the market in the month of May.
      Come sell with me, let's sell, let's sell your home today!  ♪♪

Friday, April 30, 2010

Homebuyer Tax Credit Expires TODAY!

No, this is not a last minute call to action.  Personally, I am glad that it is over.  I am happy for those that found homes they love and can benefit from the tax credit.  I am, however, most happy for those buyers who disciplined themselves for their situation to not just buy any house to get a credit but to wait and find the home that best fit their needs!  For some, it was easy to find a great house and reap the benefit of the tax credit.  For others, not so easy.  After all, it is one of the largest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime.

For now, I am ready for Sellers and Buyers to go back to a "normal" real estate market.  When I figure out what a "normal" real estate market is I will be quick to let you know.  In the meantime, we will work with our clients to best educate them for that important decision in "today's" market.  Whatever that may be!

If you're looking for competent and caring representation, we are here to help.  Give us a call at 816-246-7500.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm Lonely, So Lonely....

Play VisualTour
Once upon a time, there was a little white house perched on a lot

Located at 1702 Lexington Road in Pleasant Hill a charming home who has been lovingly sought.

A Buyer here and a Buyer there

Unfortunately could not find financing anywhere.

If its walls could talk it would lovingly share the memories it’s had

With those still to come making this home again glad.

With love, skill and finesse it’s been remodeled bottom to top

New flooring, appliances, paint and much more to make it pop!

Charm and location make this darling home a jewel

Is it possible you know someone who would think this home quite cool?

There is still ample time to capture the tax credit

We would love to work with you and will make sure you won’t regret it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just One More Comment About The Tax Credit....

The Sellers who took advantage of the tax credit were able to benefit this Spring.  Particularly those whose price range was around $150,000 and under.  What do I mean by that?  Good homes have flown off the shelf at competitive pricing as inventory has dwindled.  Buyers have rushed to meet the tax credit deadline.  The flip side of the Buyer's tax credit is that it was of benefit to Sellers whether they qualified for the credit themselves or not when they purchased their next home (move up or move down).  They have received quicker contracts and higher pricing!  Definitely good news!

There are still 18 more days to put a home under contract.  The deadline to be under contract is April 30th!  If you're on the fence, there is still time to get off!

If you want competent, caring and professional advice.  Give us a call and see if it's the right thing for you.  816-246-7500

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There Are 5 Reasons A Home Will Sell or Not Sell!

1.  Location

2.  Price

3.  Terms

4.  Condition

5.  The Agent You Select




Friday, February 19, 2010

Does The Thought of Selling Your Home in Today's Market Scare You?

If the thought of selling your home in today's

market makes you break out in a cold sweat, 

then consider these local market numbers for

some perspective.

The Average Seller in 2009 received 92.2% of their list price.
The Average Seller in 2010 received 95.6% of their list price.

In January of 2009 there was 13.2 Months of Inventory on the Market.
In January of 2010 there was 6.7 Months of Inventory on the Market.

If you want to find out how to give yourself a competitive edge in today's market, please call for a private consultation and Market Analysis for your neighborhood. 

Would you like to know if you qualify for the tax credit for a first time home buyer OR a repeat buyer?  Visit our website at for answers to your questions.

Not really interested in selling your home but would like to keep tabs on what is selling in your neighborhood?  Visit and sign up for a private Market Snapshot of activity in your neighborhood delivered to the privacy of your email.

Other questions?  Please call me at 816-246-7500 or email me at

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is Our Local Market Favoring Buyers or Sellers?

Who exactly has the edge in our local market?  Buyers or Sellers?

The supply calculation is determined by taking the Inventory (number of homes on the market) and dividing it by the 12 Month Average of the Number of Sales.  A balanced market, in general, is a 5 to 6 months supply of homes on the market.  If the supply exceeds 6 months, the market can favor buyers.  If the supply is less than 6 months the market can favor sellers.  The supply for new and used homes in the Kansas City Region is 6.7 months of supply. This number slightly favors buyers in our area.  As we teter at around 6 months of inventory we are experiencing a more balanced market for buyers and sellers.  That's the good news!

Other market factors will affect our market in the coming months due to the changes in FHA financing and anticipation of rising interest rates later in the year.

Spring is around the corner and regardless of the market, is consistently and historically a GREAT time to list your home and to buy a home.

If you would like information on what your neighborhood sales activity has been or would like personal, caring representation on the purchase of a home, call us at 816-985-3444 or visit our website!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Do You Need To Know About Deck Safety Before Buying A Home?

Deck safety is extremely important!

When you are purchasing a home your home inspector will inspect it thoroughly. They will check the railings and bannisters for stability. The railings should be at least 36 inches high and rails should be no more than 4 inches apart. They will check under the deck to check the ledger boards, support posts and joist hangers.  The inspector will also be on the lookout for wood rot.

If you have a deck on your own house, it's a good idea to have it inspected annually to make sure it's structurally sound.

If you have any questions about real estate and need capable and trustworthy representation, please call me at 816-985-3444.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

60 Minute Home Inspection

A quick and easy 60 Minute Home Inspection! The weather is cold and snowy. This simple inspection is a great indoor safety check this time of year.

Ensure your home is safe and sound in less than an hour:

___ Check water heater for leaks and rust.
___ Check the pressure on fire extinguishers.
___ Test smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector batteries.
___ Inspect faucets, sinks, and pipes for leaks.
___ Test ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacles.

Visit, a great resource for everything you need to know to protect, maintain and enhance the value of your home.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It Takes 21 Days To Form A Habit

I received a great tip yesterday that I want to share from one of my favorite trainers and coach, Mr. Rick DeLuca.

He provided a tip on a great website called This website lets you set up your goal or goals with a daily reminder for consistency. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Once you've set up your account, which is FREE by the way, you enter your goal. will send you a daily email for 21 days asking you, "Were you successful yesterday at _________________?"

Do that one thing you've committed to doing. Skip a day before succeeding for 21 days straight, and they will start you back at day one. Succeed for 21 days in a row, and you can enter monitoring mode. But by that point the action should seem second nature.

I can't wait to get started!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Work Differently From Other Agents...

I work differently from other real estate agents. I believe that you deserve to have the ability to shop freely.

You need me...
If you want to get in the house-I have the key.
If you want to be sure the price is fair-I know the market.
If you want to negotiate the best terms-I have the experience.
If you want to write the offer-I have the license.
If you want to navigate through the 'minefield' of escrow-that is my home turf.

But...You DON'T need me to shop for a home.

No one knows better than YOU the features in a home that match your needs or where you want to raise your family.

As a Preferred Buyer, you will receive access to ALL of the available listings that match your personal search criteria from ALL of the real estate companies with the ability to search any area you choose-on your own...FREE!

I will always be available for you if you want information or advice-in fact, I'm never more than a "click" or phone call away and I will continue to give you the full service you expect from a professional, experienced real estate agent.

There is no obligation, all I ask is that when the time comes that you are ready to buy, you reciprocate this offer and allow me help you buy your home!

Click below and let me help you get started.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

13 Low Cost Ways To Spruce Up Your Home!

1. Scrub until it sparkles!

2. De-clutter.

3. Pay Attention To Details.

4. Neutralize With Paint.

5. Entice Buyers With Great Curb Appeal.

6. Paint The Front Door.

7. Define Each Room’s Purpose.

8. Light and Bright Rules!

9. Make a centerpiece for your table with fruit or flowers.

10. Clear countertops.

11. Sniff Test. Have a neighbor or friend give your home the sniff test.

12. Put out potpourri or lightly scented candles.

13. Home Staging. Staged homes spend less time on the market and sell for more money. It is one of the added value benefits we provide to you as your Real Estate Professional!

Five Inexpensive Extras To Have On Hand!

Bowl of Lemons * Fresh Flowers * Candles * Throw Blankets * Pillows

It’s important to remember that once the For Sale sign is in the yard, you have to detach yourself emotionally from your house. How we live in our homes and preparing to sell are entirely different. It’s important to appeal to a wide range of tastes. Wider appeal results in a quicker sale that results in more $$$$$$$ for you!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Attributes of A Good Neighbor

What are the attributes of a good neighbor? I'm sure we can all describe the "bad" neighbor, but what makes the good neighbor?

A good neighbor might

- keep a watchful "eye". In other words, checks out the moving truck in your driveway when they know you're not moving.

- be considerate. They don't begin mowing the lawn about the time you and your guests sit down to a barbecue on your deck.

- let you borrow their snowblower.

- might bring over dinner when you're going through a tough time.

- pick up the newspapers out of your drive when you forget to notify the delivery service that you went on vacation.

- throw the ball back over the fence after your children throw it over the fence.

- take pride in their home and it's upkeep.

A good neighbor is sometimes just a friendly smile and wave as you pull in the drive after a long day!