Friday, January 15, 2010

Attributes of A Good Neighbor

What are the attributes of a good neighbor? I'm sure we can all describe the "bad" neighbor, but what makes the good neighbor?

A good neighbor might

- keep a watchful "eye". In other words, checks out the moving truck in your driveway when they know you're not moving.

- be considerate. They don't begin mowing the lawn about the time you and your guests sit down to a barbecue on your deck.

- let you borrow their snowblower.

- might bring over dinner when you're going through a tough time.

- pick up the newspapers out of your drive when you forget to notify the delivery service that you went on vacation.

- throw the ball back over the fence after your children throw it over the fence.

- take pride in their home and it's upkeep.

A good neighbor is sometimes just a friendly smile and wave as you pull in the drive after a long day!

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