Friday, January 30, 2009

Value Range Pricing

January's Real Estate Corner Question:

Q. I’m looking for a larger house and will be selling my current home. I keep seeing “Value-Range Pricing.” I’m confused. What is Value-Range Pricing, and what should I know about it?

A. Value-Range Pricing is a relatively new pricing strategy that is popular in some parts of the country. Typically, most houses are sold when the seller lists their home with a fixed price based on an analysis of similar properties in the area.

Some real estate agents now use Value-Range Pricing as a marketing strategy when selling a home. Instead of a fixed price, a house is listed within a particular price range. For example, a range price of $260,000 to $290,000 would bring in more potential buyers (and potentially more offers) than a fixed price listing.

There are additional terms that can be negotiated beyond the price: closing dates, costs, home warranties, or title insurance. One word of caution: homes that are Value-Range Priced don’t necessarily sell more quickly, or at a higher price, than fixed priced homes.

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