Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are getting ready to buy our first home and we want to make a smart investment. What are the biggest mistakes new homebuyers make?

Probably the biggest mistake is looking at homes that you can’t afford. You could end up buying a house that you really can’t afford. You’ll need to figure in all the extras like utilities, homeowner fees and taxes. Or you could feel a little let down in what you can afford. You need to be realistic.

Another big mistake is not planning for your future. What are your needs for the next 5-10 years? Is the house large enough? Also, think about the location. Is the house located in a good school district? (Always a plus.) Does it have amenities nearby? Is the area relatively quiet? Do you like the neighborhood and neighbors?

When you’re looking at houses, make sure you look at several of them. Don’t buy on impulse. Take time to really look at the houses, and evaluate the properties before making an offer.

Lastly, educate yourself about the buying process particularly financing and escrow. If you are buying or selling a home and need competent and caring representation, please call us at 816-373-3800 x4373.

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